What is TOD PRO®?

The future of Talent Management.

TOD PRO®, Talent Management for the hybrid workforce. The HRIS, Talent Management, and Project Fulfillment features in TOD PRO® provide an integrated capability not found in other systems. Our Human Capital Management module includes the features you need to evolve your HRIS by including the critical components of onboarding, compensation management, time and expense, payroll, and benefits administration. Designed for managing the hybrid workforce TOD PRO® integrates salaried W-2, hourly W-2, and independent contractors in the same system ensuring you meet the rigor of compliance for worker classification.

Our talent platform includes features vital to talent acquisition, with an innovative approach to cataloging talent. The talent search and AI make it possible to find the right talent for any project at the speed of need while matching algorithms include a reverse search capability that gets the right talent interested in the project and enhances employee engagement. These features are further enhanced with our unique professional characteristics assessment that captures the work style of each employee and helps you build teams that work well together.

Project Fulfillment provides features you need to for project planning, resource management, assignments, project profitability, and pricing.

TOD PRO® provides you with the tools you need to manage your talent from hire to retire. It offers employees a self-serve solution with visibility into their next step in the firm.

TOD PRO®, Talent Management designed for your hybrid workforce.

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Jose Ortiz
December 13, 2021. Written by

Jose Ortiz

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