As your business grows, your current processes for assigning and managing talent to support the volume and complexity of your projects may not be scalable without relevant automation. You need a talent management solution that supports the entire lifecycle of your employees across multiple projects
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Introducing TOD Pro®

TOD Pro® Human Resources Information System (HRIS) digitally enables your professional services activity chain from talent sourcing and project resourcing to delivery. TOD Pro® enables you to capture relevant information to describe the capabilities and past performance of your talent, and ensure they have the right professional characteristics for each required role. For each project, TOD Pro® ensures you:
  • Find the right talent for the effort
  • Optimize your workforce
  • Get the right capabilities
  • Rapidly meet your project needs

TOD Pro® is the keystone operating system for your professional services firm

Talent Management

Human Capital Management

HRIS, onboarding, compensation management, performance management, time & expense, payroll, and benefits administration

Talent Platform

Talent acquisition, catalog talent, search & match, optimize, availability, engagement, learning management

Services/​Project Fulfillment

Project planning, resource management, assignments, project profitability, pricing

The TOD Pro® Difference

Current Solutions
Modern Approach to Managing Talent
  • Designed around a single “hiring model”―the full-time salaried employee at a single pay rate
  • Inflexible compensation and pricing models to improve retention and guarantee project profitability
  • No tools for evidence-based staffing of projects (capability is limited to self-entered skills inventory for fit to projects)
  • Resumes as a static representation of talent hinders sales process and limits career opportunities

  • Designed for salaried, exempt/non-exempt W‑2, and independent contractor talent as a single pool
  • Pay-sell model, salaried, hourly with uplift, and other models with mechanisms to avoid over-time premiums for professional workers
  • Trusted data used from tooth to tail created from data mining and machine learning with simple workflow
  • Dynamic, real-time profiles with exactly the most pertinent information needed for resourcing decisions
It’s About the Data
  • Disjointed, incomplete data models across people, projects, and clients limits System IQ and results in pervasive, evergreen data hygiene problems
  • Universal, flexible data model and catalog integrated across people, projects, and clients enables smart algorithms, business rules, and data maintenance
Day 60 Go-Live
  • Waterfall approach requires months of discovery, and risk-laden configuration/​data migration, and unpredictable go-live schedule
  • Data-driven architecture, data normalization automation, and modern API design permits concurrent implementation activities for Day 60 Go-Live
We are passionate about revolutionizing talent management, by continually simplifying the end-to-end human capital management processes. As a people first business, we built TOD Pro® to form the right team at the right time for any project with full transparency. TOD Pro® ensures everyone on your team maximizes their opportunities to grow their career and your firm.

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