TOD Pro® Licensing

TOD Pro® comprises modules that can be licensed to meet your unique needs, including:
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    Talent Portal

    Provides your workforce with the features of TOD Pro® to establish their profile including biography, deployment preferences, roles, project and employment history, and software/certifications. In this module, your talent catalogs their experience and past performance.
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    Resource Manager Portal

    Used by your account managers and practice leads to create projects, search talent, and select the right people for the effort.
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    Functional Manager Portal

    Provides your project coordinators with the tools they need to manage assigning talent to projects, authorize work, track availability, and track the success of each effort.
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    Recruiter Portal

    Provides your recruiters with early insights into staffing gaps to ensure they are focused on hiring the right skills. TOD Pro® also provides recruiters with a quality source of former staff and a database to compare recruits with existing talent.
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    Admin Portal

    Provides your TOD Pro® administrator with a console for managing reference lists, validations, messaging, workflow, process definition, and user access for the web and mobile applications.

TOD Pro® Product Architecture

A platform agnostic, data driven architecture ensures you can tailor the application to meet the needs of your implementation
Browser and operating system agnostic
  • Runs on any browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge)
  • Supports Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android devices
  • Apps for iOS and Android devices available in App Store and Google Play Store:
Google Play Store LogoApple App Store Logo
Configurable security model to meet the most stringent requirements
  • Integrates with Microsoft Active Directory™ for single sign-on
  • Role definition allows you to set who can read, write, and access data
  • Manage users through roles and groups
Seamlessly integrates with your IT systems
  • Can be implemented as a self-contained solution or integrate with your existing HR, ERP, and project accounting system
  • Skin with your corporate identity
  • Callable from your corporate employee portal
Designed to scale
  • Three-tier architecture built using state of the art tools and technologies
  • Supports both Software as a Service (SaaS) or on-premise hosting
  • Data driven nomenclature, language, and reference lists
  • Data driven architecture simplifies implementation
  • Definable process and workflow
  • Tailorable messages and alerts
Extensive APIs minimize data entry and maximize data utility
  • Smooth integration with your CRM, HRIS, financial, and project accounting systems
  • Push and pull APIs
  • Security model manages access to ensure your data is protected
  • Complete data validation based on your configuration with feedback and logging
  • Mapping tables for data transposition, summarization, and aggregation
  • Usable by web or mobile applications
State of the art tools and technologies
  • Windows stack hosted on Windows application server (IIS) and Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Azure hosting provides scalability and performance to meet any market demand

  • User interface written using ReactJS
  • React Native mobile development; Twilio for SMS

  • Elasticsearch search engine
  • Azure Service Bus messaging queue
  • Data encryption for sensitive data
  • Integrated helpdesk ensures 24/7 support

TOD Pro® System Architecture

Our architecture is designed and optimized to enable TOD Pro® to support either Software as a Service (SaaS) or on-premise hosting:
SaaS Implementation Model
On Premises Implementation Model