Improving Employee Success

How we improved the team building process.

Finding a candidate with the right fit is as important as their skills and expertise. As Johnny C. Taylor Jr., CEO of SHRM states, “In the pursuit of talent, organizations should not lose sight of their identities. Workplace culture should be factored into organizations’ recruiting and hiring decisions.”[1] We have long believed that which is why TOD PRO® introduced and implemented a professional characteristics survey, becoming the only talent solution that features an ability to view a candidate’s fit as well as skills, expertise, and experience.

Our talent survey was developed uniquely to understand how the key attributes of the workstyle contribute to project success. We encourage each candidate to take a survey that consists of 32 questions that can be completed in less than 10 minutes. Depending on how each individual answers the questions, TOD PRO® infers their professional characteristics. It doesn’t make judgments about good or bad, rather the system seeks to understand differences that make people more successful in certain environments, and more impactful in certain roles. We developed the TOD PRO® a system so employers define their work environment, and culture across 12 dimensions, and then find people with the right soft skills and characteristics to thrive and succeed. These characteristics include Degree of Independence, Communication Style, Tolerance for ambiguity, Thinking Style, and others. The power of this capability comes alive when it is time to make decisions on team members. For example, some individuals may thrive in a consensus-based environment whereas others thrive in a hierarchal structure.

By providing managers with insights into the soft skills that each candidate possesses, it allows for hiring decisions and project assignments to be made on not only experience and hard skills but also the visibility of the true fit of the candidate in your workplace culture. This same capability is also used to optimize your project teams.

Do you still regret your last hiring decision? Give us a call to see how TOD PRO® can help you optimize your workforce!

[1] Employers Need To Recruit For Skill But Hire For Fit. Retrieved from SHRM – HR Magazine Winter 2021 Edition.

Jose Ortiz
January 17, 2022. Written by

Jose Ortiz

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