Risk-Free Implementation?

How TOD PRO® has sought to correct the traditionally difficult process of implementation.

The biggest risk to any software is the implementation process. When multiple elements of an organization are required to collaborate, it could lead to various decisions being made that negatively affect the outcome. These many decisions regarding migration and integration require a deep understanding of the desired outcome. Otherwise, it could lead to a system that was not integrated correctly and harms the organization rather than support it.

This then leads to the question; Why do integrations fail? While there is no single reason, multiple issues can be found when looking at failures. Many organizations, try to change the tool before they fully understand it, causing a shift in the understanding of the software’s abilities and implications. Not having a clear understanding of what dictates success, as well as what the desired outcome is also leads firms to fail, as they no longer understand the endgame for the process. A secondary aspect of this lack of understanding of the firm’s final steps and success is not having a clear roadmap that leads the integration process from point A to point B. Self-Limitation also plays a role, as firms will simply do what has always worked, even when working with a new tool. Leading them to ignore the full capabilities of the new tool, and instead treat the tool as simply a steppingstone. Lack of understanding of the source data that is being migrated can also lead firms to fail, this then leads to antiquated forms of data integration being utilized. Which results in an integration utilizing drastically outdated methods.

One of TOD PRO®’s biggest accomplishments is the ability to go live in 60-days. This is possible through our attention to detail in both the implementation and integration of the software itself. Due to this fast-paced process, we offer risk reductions such as not having to submit any payments until TOD PRO® has been live for three months. We started with the integration process, from the very beginning. Recognizing that there were going to be source systems to provide and obtain data from. We begin the process with a system engineering approach, starting off with requirements and what desired outcomes are, that way a roadmap can be clearly defined. The system is future-centric, as we look at what the system will need to be and develop the approach to reach that outcome. As opposed to some companies shipping integration off to a third party, we handle all of the integration in-house. There is no FTP or import-export, regardless of the system, we can provide both sides of the API. This allows us to have backward compatibility, as well as ensure modern results regardless of the system’s age.

In essence, the five essentials that are necessary to have a successful implementation process are as follows. A vendor that provides end-to-end capability, without the use of a third party for the integration process. You should seek modern methods of integration, flat-file exports or FTP integration is not acceptable, and something that is API-based is mandatory in today’s modern age. The vendor must have technical relationships with the provider of tools based upon the integration. A vendor with a structured approach, with an understanding of what are the keys to success and their roadmap to that success. Finally, a vendor that is reducing your risk, through their processes is most important.

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Jose Ortiz
January 5, 2022. Written by

Jose Ortiz

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