Gain Flexibility in How You Manage Talent

How TOD PRO® can you give you the right tools to solve your talent search problems

TOD PRO® gives your company the flexibility to withstand any stressful situation.

Many systems are based around a single hiring model, that being a full-time salaried employee at a single pay rate. Compensation is inflexible, and pricing models would need to be altered to improve retention and guarantee project profitability. Leading to firms being locked into a system of hiring this single “employee model” and having to work around any necessary compensation issues, while also having to configure any worker classification needs continually that have to be in place for any different hiring model that may be utilized for situations such as needing independent contractors.

This is one of the key problems TOD PRO® sought to solve, and how we allowed our clients to have flexibility. By designing our system to manage not only Salaried employees but Hourly W-2 and Independent Contractors as a single talent pool it allows TOD PRO® to put firms in a position to not feel restricted on their talent search. Finding talent is difficult and this flexibility gives you an additional competitive advantage to find the right talent at the right time. We knew that developing the proper compensation model would be critical to allow firms to take full advantage of this offering.

The reason worker classification needs were built into our system was to avoid putting our clients at risk. Many professional services are likely misclassifying their staff as independent contractors to avoid offering benefits, making tax withholdings, and complying with Government Affirmative Action. By having this system built into TOD PRO® it allows our clients to adjust to their needs, to stay on top of the latest necessary compliances. For example, our largest client SMA, is a professional services firm with multiple employee models, by utilizing TOD PRO®, SMA can continue their usual business without any worry.

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Jose Ortiz
January 10, 2022. Written by

Jose Ortiz

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