Complete Your SF330 in Less Than 10 minutes!

Solving the biggest problem in AEC proposals

Instantly create winning SF330 proposals with this new feature in TOD PRO®, the keystone operating system for your professional services firm!

TOD PRO® was created as an HRIS first, allowing the SF330 form to take full advantage of the capabilities of the software. All team members’ projects, their relevant experience, and your past and current projects are all held in the TOD PRO® database, making the transition to the SF330 form seamless.

Once this data has been imported into TOD PRO®, it never has to be done again: you only need to add new projects. This is true for every team member, and every proposal. As long as the individual has their data in TOD PRO®, creating the SF330 will become a hassle-free experience.

Click here for a demo to see how TOD PRO®creates an SF330!

Jose Ortiz
November 8, 2021. Written by

Jose Ortiz

Devoted to improving company client relations within the business field