Résumés are a Poor Indicator of Success

How we fixed it through real-life evidence and experience.

“Resumes Are Messing Up Hiring” states an HBR article by Terrence Tse, Mark Esposito, and Olaf Groth in 2014 [1]. 8 years later the problem still exists and has only gotten bigger.

Résumés are typically focused on a listing of employment history with job titles and duties, and an inventory of skills such as programming languages or experience with specific software. Résumés display no clear indication of capability demonstrated by achievements on specific projects. Employers find it difficult to evaluate a person’s expertise, level of capability, and career potential from the traditional resume. When compounded by the growing trend of resume inflation, making good hiring decisions has become like rolling the dice. Similar challenges are encountered during interviews. Some people interview well, but can’t “walk the talk”, whereas others may stumble through the interview for several reasons but could have been your next great hire!

The disappointment usually doesn’t manifest itself until after a honeymoon period of several months. Managers are reluctant to objectively assess whether a mistake was made, even though the gut may be telling them something else. We are all human after all! But when it becomes crunch time and you need that person to perform and even stretch on a critical project, that’s when the disappointment can’t be swept under the rug. This is the major problem with modern résumés, i.e., they are not a good indicator of success in a specific role.

How does TOD PRO® fix this problem?

TOD PRO® provides objective evidence of experience and objective evidence of past performance. We accomplish this through our Profile feature, which allows talent to explicitly cite their experience and accomplishments before you interview, hire, and make staffing decisions. It allows you to identify talent based on desired expertise or desired roles and use facts rather than anecdotes when hiring talent or staffing projects. TOD PRO® eliminates the need to use static and outdated résumés to make important staffing decisions.

TOD PRO® coexists with your current systems to capture the relevant accomplishments of your talent and keeps their profiles up to date and available in real-time. Our best client SMA, using TOD PRO® no longer uses résumés for interviewing, making project assignments, or evaluating performance. Instead, they use TOD PRO® Profiles. As a professional services firm, they make staffing decisions and promote their talent based on TOD profiles, in real-time. Find out more on how TOD PRO® can help you be more competitive to attract and retain great talent.

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[1] “Resumes Are Messing Up Hiring” by Terence Tse, Mark Esposito, and Olaf Groth. Retrieved from Resumes Are Messing Up Hiring (

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