How we provide ROI through improving operating efficiencies

Not only do we offer risk-free implementation, but TOD PRO® has also been proven to help professional services firms increase revenue capacity and create operating efficiencies.

Our clients, such as SMA, Inc., see substantial improvements in meeting time to need. TOD PRO® enabled SMA to improve their time to staff by over a factor of eight. SMA has a large client that every few years have the need for a sizable team of thirty proposal professionals, and their client is very discerning about the skills and experience of the people they accept. Historically, when a client reached out with specific staffing needs for a new project, it would take three people eight weeks working full-time to find staffing choices that were approved by the client, not including the time required to get each staff member to the client location. After adopting TOD PRO®, an engagement with the same client with similar complexity and scope took only 48 hours to have thirty vetted and accepted people in the client’s lobby ready for badging. TOD PRO®’s ability to enable firms to engage with their clients and their professional staff effectively and efficiently on the fly makes this possible. TOD PRO® gave SMA the ability to add value and meet their clients’ needs more quickly, and SMA no longer worries about lost opportunity costs. For a professional services firm, every day that a deal is not staffed creates a day in which a firm cannot add value to its clients. TOD PRO®provides SMA with the tools and insights critical to meet their claim of “staffing at the Speed of Need™.” TOD PRO® enables firms to automate their processes and decrease downtime between projects while increasing revenue.

SMA’s improvements that were a direct result of TOD PRO® include:

  1. From the beginning of the implementation process over a three-year time period, SMA saw a return on investment (ROI) of 11:1.
  2. TOD PRO® enabled SMA to achieve a 25% improvement in gross margin, as well as a 100% accretive improvement to operating income. TOD PRO® improved their project profitability and allowed SMA to achieve consistent and predictable labor margins and price realizations.
  3. SMA reduced the non-billable idle time of their staff, avoiding the hidden costs of project delays from staffing challenges. This reduced their non-productive costs of billable resources by 10%, creating capacity for additional revenue days.
  4. SMA also achieved a 20:1 leverage of labor revenue to back-office spend (e.g., HR, F&A, and Operations) increasing shareholder value.

These financial improvements are all enabled by the operational automation and value that TOD PRO® provides its clients, such as:

  • Establishing a single, integrated end-to-end digital enablement of your human resources processes, project resourcing, and employee engagement
  • Creating resource agility at scale with immediate responsiveness to demand fluctuations
  • Ensuring compliance enables you to confidently tap into non-traditional resources including contingent, project-based employees and independent contractors, all managed seamlessly with your salaried workforce as a single talent pool
  • Realizing efficiencies with a single integrated talent management platform to ensure the best resources are assigned for the right efforts at the right time
  • Reducing administrative burden of recruiting, onboarding, and maintaining employee data

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Jose Ortiz
February 22, 2022. Written by

Jose Ortiz

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