Gain Flexibility in your Pay Models

Creating flexible compensation for a flexible workforce.

Great ideas live forever. In 2007, Karen Kroll wrote a compelling article in SHRM’s HR Magazine, “Let’s Get Flexible”. The concept is simple: “The idea of making all elements of employees’ total compensation packages flexible is very attractive to employers and employees.” [1]

One of the biggest obstacles preventing companies from embracing flexible pay models at the time was that there was no ERP system that could make it happen! In this article, Karen reports “Rajiv Burman, vice president of human resources at the Thornhill, Ontario, location of Griffith Laboratories Worldwide Inc., says he has explored total flexible compensation, but the challenge is the amount of work that would be required to track compensation by individual employee, rather than by job level, as is currently done. “It becomes quite complex,” Burman says, noting that he has yet to come across a software package that would automate this task.”

Even today, 15 years later, most systems are based around a single hiring model, that being a salaried or hourly employee at a single pay rate. Compensation is inflexible, and pricing models would need to be altered to improve retention and guarantee project profitability. As a result, companies are locked into a system of hiring with this single “employee model” and having to work around any necessary compensation issues, while also having to worry about implications on worker classification compliance for contingent hourly W-2 employees, independent contractors, and others.

In fact, there has been no solution until now. TOD PRO® was designed for companies who want to optimize their workforce with the most modern talent management system available today.

TOD PRO® is designed to manage all types of employee classification (salaried and hourly employees, contingent-project based hourly or fixed fee W-2, independent contractors, etc.) with variable compensation concurrently within each pay period depending on the task, role, or other factors. TOD PRO® lets you manage your workforce as a single talent pool to optimize your business and comply with the changing, complex worker classification regulations. Finding talent is difficult and retaining them is even more difficult these days. As true today as 15 years ago, Karen wrote “giving employees a greater say in the design of their compensation packages would lead to more satisfied, more productive workers, experts believe”.

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[1] Let’s Get Flexible By Karen M. Kroll. Obtained from Let’s Get Flexible (

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