Résumés are a Poor Indicator of Success

Employers are finding it increasingly difficult to evaluate a person’s expertise, capabilities, and potential from the traditional resume. We changed this by using objective evidence of experience that updates with the individual.

Improving Employee Success

Finding a candidate with the right fit is as important as their skills and expertise. We have long believed that which is why TOD PRO® introduced and implemented a professional characteristics survey, becoming the only talent solution that features an ability to view a candidate’s fit as well as skills, expertise, and experience.

Risk-Free Implementation?

The biggest risk to any software is the implementation process. When multiple elements of an organization are required to collaborate, it could lead to various decisions being made that negatively affect the outcome.

Dead résumé

Why We Killed the Résumé

Why do people lie on their résumé? The common belief is that the first step to getting hired is impressing through their résumé. Attempting to meet this requirement, often job seekers integrate elements of the job post as experience in their résumé and claim skills from limited training or exposure.

What is TOD PRO®?

Talent Management for the hybrid workforce. The HRIS, Talent Management, and Project Fulfillment features in TOD Pro® provide an integrated capability not found in other systems.

SMA Talent on Demand (TOD)®

Reinventing the Professional Services Firm Model

A case study published by the Institute for Management Development by Prof. Goutam Challagalla, Prof. Bernard Jaworski, and Raghu Batta describes the launch of our client SMA’s Talent on Demand (TOD)® platform, built on TOD PRO®.

Professional Services

Reinventing Professional Service Firms

The Academy of Marketing Science published a paper profiling how our client SMA managed to successfully launch the Talent on Demand (TOD)® platform, revolutionizing the demand- and supply-sides of professional services

TOD on Tap Boston

TOD on Tap Rides into Boston

Earlier this month, our client SMA evoked Samuel Adams’ modern day “spirit” with brethren brewers to set the backdrop for their TOD on Tap in Boston exploring the gig economy and the on-demand professional.