Accepting the Challenge

Accepting the Challenge

How one simple request changed the course of our firm’s process.

The story begins like this…

A company beginning the implementation process to upgrade the way they manage their talent pool. They were promised a solution that could solve all their issues, yet as time passed, the tool began to see real-time use. Slowly but surely, it became obvious that many of the features that met the firm’s specific needs were not present, and those that were present simply did not perform to expectations. Coming to this realization at such a critical point, proved to be an expensive lesson. No firm should have to wait until a system is fully integrated and implemented to discover its shortcomings. This led the firm to create expectations on how to approach vendors in order to never the same mistake again.

These expectations allowed the firm to cooperate with vendors with a much more critical eye. They created a roadmap, essentially a challenge, in order to protect themselves from the same downfall. Any vendor that would wish to begin the implementation process had to follow a specific ruleset.

  1. A try before you buy period. Allowing the firm to fully understand the capabilities at hand and allowing them to understand if they meet all needs accordingly.
  2. Zero licensing fees until the product is live and has been approved.
  3. 60-day implementation period.
  4. Full Support even after the system is live.

This would be a daunting task for many, but TOD PRO® took the challenge. This method proved to be such a success, that for the five years since, it has been our standard implementation approach. Since then, our partnership with this company has resulted in them achieving a return on investment of 11:1, among a variety of other large improvements.

The main subject of this story was our largest client, SMA. By trusting TOD PRO® in their hunt, SMA was able to drastically improve their talent management, without mortgaging large financial losses on our system’s ability to guarantee success.

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Jose Ortiz
February 14, 2022. Written by

Jose Ortiz

Devoted to improving company client relations within the business field